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Wilms is Underway!

Wilms is Underway!
Our Wilmington house is finally ready! Now if only we could move in.. As I mentioned in a previous post, we decided to go the new build route so we wouldn’t have to tackle reno’s and it would be move in ready, all new! Plus we fell in love with the distance to the beach, neighborhood, builder, lot, you name it. Also with a new baby in tow (any day now!), move in ready will make the moving situation a little less crazy (I hope) and then I can add my flare and character once we get settled. The decorating temptation has been put to a halt the last few months.. So it’s going down!
I will say, it’s been hard not being able to see the progress in person or just be there to check on it whenever I would like. Although, if it was right down the street I’d be creeping up all day everyday sooo. I’ve actually only seen the house in person twice in the making, so I think this makes the 5 hour trip South, with a brand new baby, a little more exciting. We’ll finally get to see our house completed and move in! Sounds a bit crazy.. but whatever, and can we skip the unpacking part? I can be a great point and drop it there cheerleader. Here are a few pictures of the progress we took along the way.
Our moving timeline is a little wonky. My main concern this entire time was to make sure we moved down by Labor Weekend so Mason wouldn’t miss his first day at his new school. So many changes have already gone down for him this Summer and there are so many changes to come, that I wanted at least that piece to be a smooth transition. I then was quickly reminded, that I’m actually not allowed to travel right after having a baby and my girlfriends thought I was completely nuts for thinking I could just jump in a car with a newborn and five year old a week later and everything would be great. So our move really depends on when this baby actually decides to show and when I feel half human again. Crazy to think, we close on our VB and Wilms House and I’m due all next week, where did time go?

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