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Very Necessary Beach Gear

Very Necessary Beach Gear

Living at the beach means it’s crucial to have the car loaded down with beach chairs, bathing suits, and sunscreen at all times… It’s actually more like we’re prepping to be stranded on a deserted island. I guess at least we’re ready! Having two kids at completely different age ranges throws us into a whole new category of beach packing. We have to be prepared for anything. ((Stay tuned for my next post on the ultimate beach bag, it’s seriously worth it’s own post!))

So here are our go-to’s!

Summer Pop N Play

We take this everywhere. Best part, like the name, it pops open and shut and is stored in a carrying bag similar to the sports chairs.

I will say when you buy it make sure and purchase the one with the canopy included, it can be sold separately as a FYI.

Munchkin Inflatable Duck

This guy is great for the beach. It has a no slip bottom and keeps him entertained forever!

Backpack Towel

My mom found this gem at TJMaxx, I’m sure you can find one on Amazon, or give yourself a reason, like you need one, to hit that place up. We’re not big towel people for some reason, I just wait until I’m dry and then leave. We bring a big circle one to sit on which I’m not really sure why because no one uses it. Mase on the other hand, definitely needs a towel in tow. He gets sand gets in his eyes, gets really cold, and just likes to wrap up and “chill”. So this towel is magic. If you want one you have to carry it! Plus we have no additional arms to carry anything else anyways.

And of course a given, a bucket and shovel.

Pre-packaged food

Funny title but for real. It needs to be easy.

I’m all about making it at home and going, a pbj or sandwhich, no mess. But bringing a bunch of containers that I have to wash later grosses me out. ((I actually did this today and was quickly reminded why certain things should just be packaged for me to then throw away))

The one thing I do bring besides the chips and sandwhich obvious items are a few baby spoons. You need back up when they fall in the sand over and over. I just bring a couple extra baggies and throw whatever is dirty in those to bring home. Definitely not as gross as food sitting in a container. I also pack puffs and mums for an entertainment distraction if Hayes gets fussy.

Our faves: This guac, Hayes loves it. To go Sabra Hummus. Baby pouch food..

I also pack him this Sippy cup that you can kind of see in the picture.

Seriously, the water is this blue!

As far as gear goes what I didn’t picture are baby water diapers, back pack beach chairs, a light weight cooler, a giant Yeti cup filled with ice water, and a bag for trash.. because of course the baby wants to poop twice while we are there..



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