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The last 3 months

The last 3 months

Whew It’s been awhile.. Now that Hayes’ is giving me extra hours of sleep at night I feel like I can be a functional person again! A solid 6 hours of sleep will do wonders. I honestly thought while I was on maternity leave I would have loads of time to write buttttt it was the complete opposite. Each day felt like 30 seconds and I could hardly form a quality sentence much less take the time to write any crap down. A walking zombie was super accurate. I literally have been working on Hayes’ birth story for the last 2 1/2 months! Like come on. 😂

Sooo a quick recap on the last 3 months!

We moved! The one thing all Summer we anticipated, besides having this little dream boat of course. It seemed like it would never come and here I am trying to hold back decorating for Christmas. When Hayes’ was 2 weeks old, we packed the fam up and made our big move down to Wilms.

Just arriving to the house. My babes did amazing on the car ride. We had two nursing stops and only one temper tantrum so I’d say not bad!

Mason so excited to find his toys that had been stored away all Summer.

The grand consensus after 3 months? We love it! It took some adjusting for sure, especially for Mason.. new town, new friends (neighborhood full of them!), new school, new house, new routine, and a new baby brother. It was a lot, but we’ve tried to make it as fun as possible for him and now it feels like home (We miss our VB friends/fam of course!)

Now that I’m back (watch me get 0 hours of sleep tonight) I’m going to fill you in on our life in Wilms, our travels, getting back in shape after baby, my fave baby items now, my go to Fall products -makeup, hair stuff oh and clothes! Everything across the board, literally the works. So stay tune!

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