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A killer quaint town. So back tracking, elf on the shelf accidentally started early this year.. whoooops. Mason was obsessing with Christmas decorating last week and one thing lead to the next, elf man showed up. This past weekend we knew we wanted to hit up Southport since the weather was going to be amazing so to make things fun for Mason, his elf left him a map of the town and his mission was to find the Christmas store and snag ornaments for our tree.

The ferry ride over to Southport. Mase so stoked on feeding the seagulls.

My circus 🙂

His map. Don’t you like those art skills? You’re welcome.

He found the destination. I’ve never been in a Christmas shop nor have I ever wanted to step foot in one, but it was pretty bad ass. A new family tradition for sure!

Should this be our Christmas card? 😆 Red bag full of mostly Salt water taffy, but we did snag ornaments!

Someone decided to join us. Peach. One of the many things Mase likes to call him.

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