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New Year Mom Bod

New Year Mom Bod

That cute one piece and cut off shorts everyone rocked this past Summer.. I’m comin for ya.

After having Mason, it took me until he was 5 months to crack down and start working to get back to my prebaby size. I was 10 pounds heavier then I needed to be and I swear I was bigger at month 5 then I was the day after having him. First problem, I never really had to workout before getting preggo. I mean I would every now and then but it was never anything consistent. I was also 26 when I got pregnant with him soooo yeah ya know. Second, I ate whatever I wanted and a lot of it. That combo, with an aftermath baby bod is a scary sight.

Month 5 happen to be right around January 1, so of course as every other American I set a goal to get back in shape. The month of January I started spin and worked out to 1 Sean T beach body insanity dvd that a friend had sent me to try. I also actually watched what I ate so I started to see some results on the weight loss side. Then in February I bought the full Insanity beach body dvd set and stuck to it, following the plan and working out everyday to one of those dvds. It honestly put me in the best shape of my life.

Since then, for the most part worked out pretty consistently. Of course I had my days, weeks, or even months when I wasn’t feeling the gym but I pretty much stuck to some kind of gym activity. Plus a busy kiddo to run after.

So going into this pregnancy I told myself I would continue to workout and eat as healthy as possible to maintain a somewhat easier bounce back after having Hayes. Plus I’m 30 something now so staying in shape is a never ending battle… Did I stick to it? Eh, kind of. I only gain 22 pounds this go round somehow but it’s always the after baby part that gets me. The lack of sleep makes me want to comfort eat which adds up over time, not helping my already gush body.

Fast forward, I am at the 4 month mark with Hayes. Back to another New Years. Back to getting this Mom bod in shape. So how am I doing this?

1. No carbs after 6pm. I say 6 because I tend to stay up later then most so I give myself a little more time.

2. I have a mega sweet tooth. My current go to is a Trader Joe’s dark chocolate peanut butter cup, so I allow myself one of those a day. I always wait and chow that thing down after dinner.

3. Workout! Hayes doesn’t like me sleeping so I am really drained early mornings and late at night. What helps jump start my day is an at home workout. I told myself I can’t join a Purebarre or anything fun again until I complete a full DVD run so I’m starting out with T25 by Beachbody. It’s a Sean T series I bought years ago that goes for 2 months and what I like about it is that it’s only 25 mins, so a great ease back into the workout but also kicks my ass.

On really exhausting and busy days I’ll wrap Hayes in the Solly wrap or put him in a baby carrier and do a leg circuit. Anything to get moving for a good 30 mins.

There’s a quote I find so true. ” It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing, 8 weeks for your friends and 12 for the rest of the world. Give it 12 weeks. Don’t quit.”

4. 64 ounces of water a day.

5. Cayenne pepper added to one meal a day.

6. I’m still breastfeeding so I need to keep my calorie intake up, but I now snack more often on veggies ( sugar snap peas, red peppers, celery and peanut butter, cucumber and hummus). I eat a lot of salads, at least once a day, with a protein, fruit and veggies. I also cut every meal in half, so I still enjoy the foods I like just eat less of it!

7. No dairy. Ever since Mase had to go dairy free this Summer we started replacing dairy in our diets and now we rarely have it so this is an easy one.

That’s it! Quite the list, but not too much to ask I feel like for starting out. Plus bathing suit is just around the corner. What are your go to’s for getting back in shape? Anyone want to join me!?


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