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Must! Baby Items

Must! Baby Items

Heyyyy! I am finally feeling somewhat put back together so I thought I’d share my 14 days in must have baby items. These are the baby things we have used everyday where I’ve said this is a game changer! I’m so happy we got this!!

It’s hard, especially when your a new parent to know the things to register for, or for me, we have been out of the baby game for 5 years so a lot has changed! I had my faves with Mason that I kept for this baby but I have so many new favorites that legit make a world of difference. So all these on my list are a must have and you should try or add them to your registry!

Car Seat Cover: This did not exist with Mase and Nick and I both say how did we not come up with this? It’s so simple and genius. I love this because it keeps people and germs away from your baby, especially a newborn or during the months where everyone gets sick. I use it as a nursing cover and I use it to cover the car seat and bassinet when we are out. My favorite brand is Copper Pearl, best prints!

Rock n play: This was my top fave with Mason and still is with Hayes. We use the Mamaroo some, and am happy I bought ours off Facebook marketplace because we use it so little, but the rock n play is where Hayes sleeps at night, naps, and just lounges if I’m showering ect. It allows him to be on his back but nestled up next to my bed. It also folds up so is great for travel!

Ubbi Diaper Pail: So we went through 2 diaper genies with Mason.. somehow we broke both. It was annoying because it would fill up so fast and then diapers would fit through those smell trap doors so it became such a hassle. You also had to buy those special bags.. We just were not fans. Now the Ubbi. Oh M Gee. This puppy takes regular trash bags and takes forever to fill up. It’s like a regular trash can made for smelly diapers. Really worth the money.

Uppababy Cruz with Bassinet & Skateboard: This stroller is super light weight. We had a Britax B-Ready and B-Agile stroller with Mason. The B-Agile was the worst stroller we ever owned (it even flipped on to its side with the car seat attached.. insane!) and the B-Ready weighed a ton for me to take in and out of the car. The Cruz just glides.. I can push it literally with my pinky while Mason is on the skateboard and baby locked in too!

So the skatboard attachment has been a dream, Mase loves it and is also at the age where he doesn’t need to be in a stroller riding around but if he gets tired he can just hop on. Plus it folds up when we aren’t using it.

The bassinet, I heard from friends was not worth buying, but we use it all the time! Absolutely love it. It’s nice so Hayes isn’t cramp up in a car seat and can lay flat while we stroll through the neighborhood, park, while shopping, you name it.

Fridababy mom spray: This is a key hospital item that I wanted to share and only would need to be used if you tear.. which you won’t know until after you have the baby, so it’s worth being in your hospital bag and if you are one the lucky ¬†ones, can return if not used. I unfortunately did tear, and Frida Baby sent this to me to take in my bag and I am so happy they did because I would not have bought it otherwise! You will quickly find out, if you do tear, that the hospital gives you this little squeeze bottle to shoot water down “there” every time you pee so it doesn’t kill you with pain. The bottle they give is clearly not designed for what it’s there for so FridaBaby created this bottle that is positioned so that it hits where it needs to hit and it’s awesome. They also give you a travel bag for those 100 trips you take to Target just to get out of the house, but oh yeah you need to pee.

Onsies with hand mittens: Babies nails are super sharp and hard to cut. I may be one of those freak people that love cutting my babies nails but even so they somehow still have sharp little edges which scratches up the babies face. The little hand mittens you can buy are great but seem to always fall off! Huge pain, so finding onsies (they have to be long sleeve) that have the hands mittens attached (basically just a closed off end where the hand goes) is great! I bought 3 of those onsies prior, not thinking how nice it will be to have the hands covered, but once I realized I had them that is all Hayes’ wears and I went out and bought more!

What’s your favorite baby gear!?


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