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Faux Shiplap

Faux Shiplap

Our house is a new build which I love. Our last house was a mega fixer upper, which I also loved, but knew that I didn’t want to go down that road again when we decided to move. There’s a huge difference between having to do house projects and wanting to do house projects. This house is an all fun projects house (let’s not jinx ourselves here, but really). The only thing missing that our last house did have is some character..

So hello project queen!

I love a little shiplap. Who doesn’t? But I didn’t want to commit to wood being nailed to my walls. First, they are brand new and knowing me, I may be over that look and then what? So we decided to do a faux shiplap!

Side note: Whenever my mom is in town, it is project city. If she hears an idea, she’s like done, lets do this.. and we do.

Her girlfriend inspired us when she also did faux shiplap in her Florida house which looked amazing. I only saw pictures of the room, but knew it could be done and look good.

Don’t you also love when you start a project you think you can get it done in one hour and it turns into 3 days? Whyyy do I do this every time? If you want to do a DIY faux shiplap be prepared for tedious work. Nothing is quick about it, except for maybe just painting the wall.

How to get this thing done:

First: Choose the right paint color, seems silly but important step!

We decided we wanted the fireplace and built ins area (not built ins there yet- don’t mind that..) done in ship lap. Where ever you choose you will need to paint that wall a white(ish)(what ever you are going for) color. My mom’s friend chose White Dove from Sherwin Williams, so without question we went and bought that paint color thinking it worked for her it will work for us. NO. When you choose your white paint, bring home samples and make sure that paint compliments the paint colors you have in your house. It’s crazy how many whites there are. We painted the entire area and BAM, it had a yellowish tint. It did not in her house, but because of my colors it did on my walls. We quickly learned to bring samples to the paint store or bring samples home first. I also recommend shooting for the color of your trim. We have crown molding and high base boards so decided to go with the trim color so it all flowed. The wall paint color we used was Pure White by Sherwin Williams. (You can get Home Depot or Lowe’s to mix that paint for you without actually having to go to Sherwin Williams as a FYI!) I personally normally always go to Sherwin Williams and use Duration in matte, but I didn’t feel like making the drive that night and it was just one wall not an entire room.

You also need to pick up the paint for the line you are creating on the wall. I recommend using this paint color for that. It’s a dark grey color. You can buy the mini can at the Home Depot paint counter.

Here comes the fun part…..

First comes first, you will need to measure, unless you know already, the height of your walls. Ours were a little tricky because we have an overhang over the built ins side. We have 9 feet walls, so decided between each line it would measure out to a little under 7 1/2 inches. Pictured below.

We started on the fireplace first and worked from the very top down, so each line going down measured roughly 7 1/2 inches apart except for the very bottom line closest to the ground. Between the ground and that line is a much smaller space, but you can’t really tell. We wanted the “boards” to not be skinny looking so we sacrificed the bottom one not measuring the same as the above.

Because I’m short, Nick started on the top lines. We took the measuring tape and measured down from the ceiling to that 7 1/2ish mark, used a pencil and drew a little line mark starting from the right side of the wall working all the way across horizontally to the left side, making about 10 little pencil marks across. They have to be absolutely accurate because they will be making up you line that needs to be straight. If your measuring gets off your line will look crooked.

(This photo is after the tape was taken up, but you can see where the dash marks are)

As I mentioned, the pencil marks will make up your line and where the paint tape is going to lay all the way across the wall. You must use this paint tape, no exceptions! This is so there is no paint bleeding once the grey gets painted on.

This is where it gets even more tedious. We would rip off strips of tape basically the length size between each pencil dash. This is so your line doesn’t start to go up or down. This paint tape must be as straight as possible.

Once you get that first tape strip down, you then will put down a tape strip right above that first strip you put down which is what Nick is working on below.

See that white line between the two green pieces of tape? That’s what is creating your “shiplap” line which you will later paint they grey color. So make sure to pay attention to how much space is between the tape, you don’t want it to be too skinny or too big.

Once you finish that top tape line then it’s time to move down to the next section.

Suggestion. It’s really annoying holding a tape measurer the whole time, so you can use a ruler or we marked a paint can stirrer to make dashes along the wall.

When you make the next starting dash below the first green tape section work off the dash line above where the tape is. So start measuring down from the top of the bottom green tape, if that makes since, down until you hit the 7 1/2(ish) mark and then make your first dash. Then Keep working across the wall.

Suggestion. Make all your dash lines first all the way down your wall. We put the tape on the top line to see what we were doing exactly, but decided to put dashes all the way down, just so more than one person could help putting the tape on.

Now just add all your dashes and tape away! We actually almost gave up doing the built ins because this took awhile and you can’t be care free about it, but realized we had to do the sides of the fireplace… sooo what’s more work?

(I swear I helped but I never get pictures taken of me..)

Once you have your wall all taped up you will now paint the little white line between each section of green tape. We do this to prep the line for the grey paint so it does not bleed. If that line bleeds then you’re screwed. So you want to prime that wall. We just used the original wall paint color.

Once that white painted line dries it’s grey painting time. The final step besides seeing your amazing work come to life.

Where the white paint is, paint that line with this grey paint that I mentioned earlier. This will also give a texture to your wall so you don’t have just a flat line but now it’s more raised.

Let dry over night, or wait hours and make sure it is fully dry before pulling up the tape.

Once dry it’s results time! Gently pull that tape off!

If you just choose to do the fireplace then you are done! If not, repeat all of the above a million more times…

And this is what you get!

Let me know if you have any questions or leave a comment!!


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